Legends Of I.T.

The Legends of I.T. Podcast brings together I.T. Managers and professionals from around the world, to share their vast knowledge and experience for us all to learn and improve every week.

Many of us feel overwhelmed and alone when it comes to managing our company's technology. 

We created the Legends of I.T. podcast to support this incredible community, by sharing the skills, knowledge, and battle-tested experiences of like-minded IT professionals.

Each week our show will introduce listeners to the latest tips, tools, and strategies, and interviews with some of the top IT professionals from around the country, so you can continue to excel as a Legend of I.T.

Recent Episodes

Feb. 22, 2023

Why Your Business Needs a Cybersecurity Framework

When it comes to cybersecurity, it's simply not enough to install a bunch of tools to protect you and your business. Simply installing a bunch of these security tools without putting a cybersecurity plan in place can have a lot …

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Nov. 23, 2022

The Best Way to Secure Your Business's Data

Most businesses believe that cybersecurity comes down to installing a bunch of tools that help protect their computer networks and data from cybercriminals. The fact is, cybersecurity comes secondary to information security or infosec. In Part 2 of...

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